Not an ordinary pianist…


Sergey was introduced to music at the age of six, started attending a school for musically gifted children at seven and played a Bach concert with the Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra at ten (which was broadcasted live on Belarus central TV). Since then he was considered a child-prodigy and had quite an intense cross-country touring schedule, performing either with orchestras as a soloist (conducted by Yuri Tsiryuk, Gennady Provatorov and Alexander Anisimov), or on his own, giving piano recitals (or casually playing the keys as a member of a youth rock band). At the same time he somehow managed to participate and receive awards in numerous international piano competitions held in Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, and many other countries. Matters of Sergey’s particular pride are his victories at Porto International Piano Competition and especially Takasaki International Art & Music Competition for High School Students.

In 2003, having finished his musical education in Belarus, Sergey enters the Royal Conservatory in The Hague to continue his studies with Naum Grubert.  His first year in the Netherlands was a success, and not only in terms of being an excellent student. Sergey was noticed and invited to take part in the Steve Reich in The Hague Festival as one of the musicians performing the famous Music for 18 musicians (a work of musical minimalism composed by Steve Reich in 1978) ending the festival. A great beginning indeed!

After receiving his master’s degree in 2007, he brought his musical activities to a whole new level – tours, festivals and promising collaborations with composers, singers and fellow musicians throughout all Europe became a part of his everyday routine.

Having received a classical training, Sergey was also strongly influenced by electronic music. At some point he even started producing his own electronic tracks! Moreover, his talents in that sphere did not go unnoticed – Sergey’s remixes of tracks by Paralox (Australia) (released on a Melbourne-based label Subterrane Recording) and Mr. Meebly (USA) (released on a Phoenix-based label Absolute Motion) received a whole lot of extremely positive reviews.

At the same time Sergey was in a constant search for the perfect balance between contemporary and classic, electronic and live music, as well as the shapes and forms in which it should be brought to the audience. In 2013 Sergey decides to create an indi-classical project Nouvelle Philharmonie


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