Mr Meeble remix

Proud to announce that Mr. Meeble’s new EP, “Nostalgic for Now”, has now been released  on the Phoenix-based label “Absolute Motion” and it includes my remix!

And even more proud of some reviews:

“Sergey vs Meeble up the ante with the “Gift” remix, sending the listener into a Blade Runner-esque dystopian future with a more frenetic pace. This final track resembles a robotic love song that you can dance to, transforming the gloomy message of the original into a hopeful ending for Nostalgic for Now”

“Unexpectedly, Gift (Sergey vs. Meeble)finishes the trip with a bubbly upbeat rendition of the original. This isn’t music - it is an experience - and sadly, it is over - that is, until the next Mr. Meeble release”

“Und dann wäre da noch der Remix von “Gift“ (Sergey vs. Meeble) – für mich der eigentliche Höhepunkt dieser EP. Ich würde fast von Electro Pop sprechen, absolut tanzbar und amazing. Fazit: “Nostalgic For Now“ ist ein musikalisches Kleinod, welches den Kauf wert ist!”

(And then there’s the remix of “Gift” (Sergey vs. Meeble) - for me the real highlight of this EP. I would almost say - Electro Pop, absolutely danceable and amazing. Conclusion: “Nostalgic For Now” is a musical gem that is worth buying!)

“The remixes of “Liar” and “Gift” are like two totally new songs. Usually remixes play the role of beefing up the quantity of music on an album, but don’t do much in making it any richer; but that’s not the case with Nostalgic For Now. “Liar (Soulwhirling Mix)” takes the original, slows and strips it down, and turns it into a gothic and near choral piano piece with haunting vocals; In contrast, “Gift (Sergey vs. Meeble)” makes a cheerful and bubbly techno version of the somber original: absolute reinterpretations are what these tracks are, not trivial remixes”

“Meanwhile, the Sergey vs Meeble mix of “Gift” completely changes the song, exploding it from the inside out, turning into an outright dance hit, while removing the spacey-ness and just pumping the beats” Java Magazine, issue 203, June 2012